Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alphabet of Lines

Just as with the alphabet you learned so you can put words together, when drafting there are several different types of lines you must know so you can put a drawing together and have someone able to read it.  Pg. 29 of your drafting book lists this alphabet.  When you were in grade school you had to practice writing your letters.  This alphabet is not any different.  Some of these lines will be on the state test so it is important for you to know their characteristics.

Assignment #2

Get a blank sheet of paper and create the alphabet of lines as shown on pages 29-31.  It is important to note which line is which.  Take your time and be careful, neatness is a component of your grade.  Each line should be labeled.  Your paper should have a proper title block (border) including your name at the bottom.  You may choose the layout (Portrait or Landscape) of the paper and the length of the lines you draw.  The thing I will be looking for is a clear difference between each lineweight and linetype. 


5 pts. there will be .5 points for each correct line with a label.

5 pts. Neatness

Total points for this assignment  = 10 pts.

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